デザイナーのように人事を考える – 従業員体験のためのフレームワーク

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デロイトが参加した2017  Human Global Trends Report では、世界の80%の企業が人事から従業員体験へと、その考え方を変えつつあります。これは何を意味するのでしょう?それはつまり、私たちは管理する人事から、従業員を信頼し、権限を与える立場へ変化しつつあるということです。この変化は能力管理から能力開発への変化と並行しています。前者は、従業員は管理なしには成果を上げることはないという考え方であり、従業員にとって何が最良かは会社が決め、そして管理を続けるというものです。後者は信頼関係と自己管理により重点を置きます。能力開発の考え方では、従業員の声を受け止め、間違いを犯すことへの懸念ではなく、従業員自身の成長と会社がいかにそれを手助けするかに重点を置いています。










Thinking HR like a designer
The Employee Experience Framework
As Deloitte presented in their 2017 Human Global Trends Report, 80% of companies around the world are changing their view from HR to Employee Experience. What does it mean? It means that we are moving from an HR that do control to one that trusts and empower the employee. It is aligned with the change from performance management to performance development. In the first one, the idea is that employees won’t perform unless you manage them, you decide what is best for them and then keep looking over. The second one involves more an ambient of trust and self-management. In performance development, the employee gets his voice heard and it is not about being afraid of making mistakes, but it is about growing oneself and how the company can help it.

Designers think on what they call User Experience. They put themselves on the shoes of the user, think of all the steps of the process and re-design each one of them to create the best experience. They even change from the word “Customer” to “User” so you take out the impetuous to just see that person as a font of money. In Brazil, where we have one of the most happy workforces in the world, highly due to a mindset of family first and friendship at work, they are stopping to use the word “employee” and substituted it by “collaborator”. This implies that everyone is important as an individual.

So how to think more in terms of employee experience?

1) think about the journey of an employee at a company and it’s important points.
(ex: move to work, arriving at work, getting to his desk, sitting, booking a meeting room, installing the Pc, moving to a new department, doing a feedback meeting, setting their goals, etc.)

2) Now, for each of these steps you write down how it works as a detailed description. If you can’t answer right away, do not create it from your memory, ask 2,3 people about it to be more accurate. Do deep interviews if necessary, ask them to show them how they do it.
3) Now put those experience on a priority list. What would have the biggest impact on productivity and happiness comes first.

4) Go one by one rethinking how it could be improved.
By the end, you are going to have this beautiful ideal scenario of a full functioning company. Share it with the decision makers, and start creating g projects and action plans to move your company into a better direction.

Here at Motify, we are all about Employee Experience and we developed a service to help HR to move into a better direction. So far we redesigned the Onboarding experience and now we are redesigning the Becoming a new manager experience. What other situations do you want to change in your company? Let us know and we might be able to help you. 🙂

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